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September 4, 2012 by williamsjustliving

I’m a nerd, and I enjoy preparing to be a lawyer. One of the foremost things on my mind right now is how to streamline and broaden the process of communicating with clients.

But, communicating with people is not just a lawyer problem, is it? Each of us has to figure out the best way to keep in touch with loved ones, business associates, partners, and the list goes on. Each of us, however, also has to figure out how to be effectively communicated with. Ergo, here is my list for communicatees. Is that a made up word? Maybe, but remember that communication is a two-way street. We all know that the communicator is one party–so, who is the other party? A listener? Nah, that sounds way too passive….

Tips for being an effectivee communicatee:

1. Be realistic in your expectations for communication. You are often not the only patient, client, parent, or relative who is receiving communication.

2. Be clear in your expectations for communication. If you want to be called once weekly, or e-mailed bi-weekly–then let the person know.

3. Stick to the point. If you ramble on and on during what should be a quick call from the other party, chances are that person is going to be less willing to call you for a quick update.

4. Don’t kitchen sink. If you are looking for an e-mail from your lawyer regarding your case, don’t reply back about your case, your aunt’s potential case, and about the dispute you’ve just had with your neighbor. If you have additional issues, send those in an additional e-mail.

5. Don’t expect instant communication. Your doctor may be in with a patient, so it may be more than an hour before you receive a reply e-mail or a call back.

What other tips do you have for being an effective communicatee?


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