The Introvert Lawyer, pt. 2

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September 15, 2012 by williamsjustliving

Oh, yes, my friends. This is a multi-part series. Last time, I spoke to clients who may have an attorney who is an introvert. This time, I’m going to talk to the lawyers who have a client (or two) who happens to be an extrovert. Most of the clients I have dealt with probably score higher on the extroversion scale than I do. Time, age, and therapy have taught me to be metacognitive. This means that I focus on the fact that the extrovert person is not getting on my nerves, but rather the fact that his/her mode of communication is so completely opposite to mine.

Attorneys, here are some tip offs that you might be dealing a client who is an extrovert.

1. Your client calls you or comes in to see you and rather than asking you a bunch of questions, your client talks through a decision making process to which you aren’t a substantive party.

2. Your client wants to bring you into his/her circle of friends.

3. Your client wants you to help him/her deal with an array of problems that extend beyond the legal realm.

4. Your client often brings along to meetings people completely unrelated to the issue.

5. Your client asks you questions about your own personal life that seem unrelated to the problem with which you are attempting to assist.

6. Your clients conversation ranges broadly through topics that seem unrelated to the legal issue at hand.

Later posts will discuss some strategies for both clients and attorneys who are communicating  with someone who expresses the opposite mode of communication.


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