The Introvert Lawyer, pt. 3


September 20, 2012 by williamsjustliving

Like many introverts, I had to take some time for reflection in order to finish up this series. This third post in a series of four speaks directly to attorneys who have clients who tend toward extroversion. If you are wondering whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, you should click here for a general explanation of the different types (based on the Myers-Briggs test) or click here to take a test at Keirsey.

The words that I am sharing with you, my fellow legal professionals, are words that I have gathered and stored up for my own personal use.

1. Understand that your client (coworker/friend/spouse/sibling/neighbor, etc.) is not necessarily attempting to annoy you. His/her communication style is very different from yours.

2. I, personally, feel that most introverts are more flexible in their communication style than extroverts. The introvert style is more geared toward internal dialogue, but we all have external dialogues at some point. Introvert, you need to keep in mind which of the people you know are introverts and which are extroverts. Those who are extroverts are going to need for you to process your thoughts aloud more than you usually would. Extroverts may feel like no working is getting done if said work is not being talked about. Establish an update schedule and stick to it.

3. Your conference room is your best friend. I need a Fortress of Solitude that looks the way I want it to, that smells the way I want it to, that sounds the way I want it to with optimal lighting just for me. If I need to fuss at someone on the phone or walk around without my shoes on for a moment, my office is the ideal place for that. If I don’t feel like talking, I can sit silently in my office. The Conference Room is also a very comfortable place with lighting and comfort swayed to the tastes of the public. In the Conference Rom, shoes are always worn and a professional tone is always used. Conferences happen in the Conference Room–and that requires talking. I meet with clients in the conference room. I eat my lunch in my office. There is no music in the conference room. Al Green may well serenade me in my office.



4 thoughts on “The Introvert Lawyer, pt. 3

  1. Fantastic! Simple enough for me to understand and put to good use 🙂

  2. flynnsamya says:

    Thanks for this great three-post series that sheds light upon some of the concepts about us introvert lawyers! I am happy to see more and more public information about what introverts are all about (like you said, its not all about shyness and we like music!) especially in the legal realm. Its a nice reminder that its all about being aware of (and kind to) oneself and others.

    • It’s a little sad that introversion is usually equated with shyness and/or social awkwardness. After all, Johnny Carson was an introvert! I am thinking about doing a post on introverts and networking. Of course, I would have to do some networking first. LOL. Thanks so much for your comment!

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