Putting the Networking Workout Plan to Work

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October 18, 2012 by williamsjustliving

I have put the Networking Workout Plan that’s specifically tailored to introverts….to work, and it….works.

I have been intentionally metacognitive about my interactions with others. For my fellow introverts, this is a worthwhile occupation. As you go into situations in which you are meeting new people, consider what makes you feel comfortable. Consider what makes you feel uncomfortable. Furthermore, after the situation I took the time to consider what would have forced to come to a different conclusion.

I need to do what makes me comfortable. To be honest, I do not do well in stuffy, stiff environments (I TOTALLY get the irony of that statement given that I intend to spend at least some of my time in a courtroom. However, in a courtroom, the point is not quite to network). Laughing makes me comfortable. The events I’ve gone to recently have given me a chance to make sure that I enter with a smile and keep laughing. That way, people who don’t have a good sense of humor probably wouldn’t be drawn into the conversation. Sounds cruel? As an introvert, I tend to replay and mull over any social gaffes that I make. I need to do in the present what will ensure mental peace in the future.

This also includes abandoning a conversation when it’s done. There’s nothing wrong with politely excusing myself when a conversation has run its course. Lately, I’ve decided to keep circulating throughout a room. I feel better if I set the pace for the evening/day/event that I want to have rather than allowing myself to get swept up in someone else’s current.

I even followed up with e-mail messages to new people I met! Can you tell that I’m suuuuper proud of myself? The e-mail I sent was genuine and short. Basically, I told the person I was glad to have met him/her and perhaps asked a question about, or mentioned a piece, the conversation I had with that person.

In that way, introverts have an advantage. We are very plan-oriented. So, it works to an introvert’s advantage to plan how s/he wants that event to go. So, the bottom line is to plan for the event to go the way you want it to: SMOOTHLY.


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