Rage 2: Keep your head up

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February 12, 2013 by williamsjustliving

Law school is engineered, in many ways, to beat you down. By October of 1L year, a group of formerly bright-eyed and hopeful students turns into a group of pale, glazed-over, raspy-voiced wraiths. Law school can be miserable because it can soak up your life.

But, there is one simple way to rage against the machine: smile, and find ways to be happy. This is the easiest way to be subversive you will ever encounter–no need for manifestos or special t-shirts or snarky posters.

I like my law school. I genuinely do. But, unfortunately, I have run across professors and colleagues who are miserable and who make others (sometimes including ME) miserable because law school is their blood and success at law school is their marrow and being better and smarter than others is their bones. I, however, am a carbon-based being and I need sunshine and fresh air and good food.

So, why play their miserable little game? Law school is miserable because we (the carbon -based beings) allow the miserable ones to push us around and dominate our classes and, generally, ruin things.

Here’s a revolution for you: eat a good meal, get some sunshine, have a good night’s sleep. Sure, you “only” spent a couple of hours studying for class….but, raise your hand anyway to answer a question. You get the answer right? Great! That is a lesson in balance for the whole law school community. You get the answer wrong? Great! That is a lesson in balance for the whole law school community.

Yet another battle in the revolution: be kind. Say nice things to others. Say nice things to yourself. DON’T rip pages out of important books in your law school library. DON’T hide books in the library. DON’T give people wrong information so that they turn in things late. Share your old outlines–what do you care if someone in the class under yours does well in Ancient Egyptian legal ethics?

In other words, JUST SAY NO to being miserable in law school.


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