Rage 3: Respect your learning style

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February 19, 2013 by williamsjustliving

I have colleagues who can read a great deal of information and synthesize it quickly. Others can skim and comprehend a lot. Some law students have to take copious notes. Other law students are able to sit, listen, and absorb.

in the words of the bard: To thine own self, be true.

In the words of my mom: Do what works.

American law schools (like most of the American education system) have to deal in homogenization because of the sheer numbers of people coming through the doors. So, you and every other Joe SixPack will get bundles of highlighters, socratic methods, dozens of pages of reading, and lectures all geared toward one paper or exam at the end of the semester.

Remember, the point of law school is NOT to become the lawyer formerly known as you. Rather, become YOU who practices law. You have a particularly learning style for a reason.

What’s your goal? To get a JD? To be a barred attorney? To become a law professor? To work as in-house counsel? Decide your goal and then choose the path to that goal that best suits YOUR learning style or personality style.

The best way to rage against the machine is to refuse to become a cog 😉


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