Week two of bar review: boo-hoo


June 4, 2013 by williamsjustliving

I want to be a lawyer. I want to be a lawyer. And, this is a step in me easing on down the road toward becoming a lawyer.

Actually, the thought of Michael Jackson and Diana Ross singing “Ease on Down the Road” just cheered me up immensely. So much so that I will post a video for your amusement. 

To be honest, I feel like I’m stuck in some law related version of a Dr. Suess book–and the Cat in the Hat has yet to come back. This past week and two days (well, actually two weeks and two days if you count the foundation course, and you most definitely should count the foundation course) has given me each and every emotion I experienced during 1L year: pride, elation, self-doubt, frustration, exhaustion, isolation, and camaraderie (is that a feeling? Too tired…you know what I mean).

But, I’ve been reading Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project and the companion blog. One thing I have learned is that I need to correctly place negative things (like bar review) in a positive frame. Bar review will never be as fun as Six Flags (on a day with nice weather and hardly any crowd, Six Flags is perfection). BUT, I have to remember that taking the bar exam and passing the bar exam is the only route to becoming a lawyer. Bitterness, annoyance, and frustration will do me very little good in the 55 days until I have to take the bar. MJ and Diana said that I shouldn’t carry nothing that might be a load–so, here is my list of positive ways to look at bar review.

10. Bar review can be a useful way for me to end my law school experience (by reviewing evvvvvvverrrrrrrrrryyyyyy single thing I learned. I kid, I kid…not really).

9. Bar review gives me a common experience to discuss with newly alumni’d colleagues and friends.

8. Once you get going, there are a ton of great bar review jokes. Ok, so maybe not a ton, but there are at least a dozen or so. Ok, and so I made up most of those. And?

7. Bar review only lasts a couple of months, and the bar exam only lasts a couple of days.

6. Bar review is a chance for me to test my resolve and find out if I really want this lawyer thing as much as I say that I do.

5. Bar review is curing me of my bent toward perfectionism in two ways. First, my reaction at seeing a quiz grade of 50% has gone from “OMG! I failed!” to “OMG! I got half of them right!” Second, I have to face the fact that I might not pass the bar on the first try, but that’s no reason to give up now.

4. Bar review breaks give me time and plenty of reasons to exercise.

3. Bar review gives me an excuse to buy cool and useful gadgets. For instance, I am typing this on my nifty new wireless keyboard with integrated touch pad. [Dusting off my shoulder]

2. The person who runs the Kaplan Bar Review twitter account seems to find my bar review tweets amusing and I get plenty of awesome RTs.

1. Bar review has moved me through the post-graduation doldrums in which I usually drift for a few weeks. Bar review has done this by effectively ruining any nostalgia that I had for law school.

So, in conclusion, I tip my hat to you, Bar Review. Well played. Well played.


2 thoughts on “Week two of bar review: boo-hoo

  1. This was really cute. Good luck to you!

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