#NLL: Embrace the Weirdness

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October 11, 2013 by williamsjustliving


I was, initially, going to call this “Embrace the Type A” but then I looked up the actual definition of Type A (on Wikipedia, obviously) and decided that I should NOT embrace Type A. Did you know that the whole theory of Type A and Type B personalities has something (so, I didn’t read carefully) to do with likelihood of developing heart issues? Huge downer; no, thanks.

At any rate, the point is that I have decided to embrace my own personality foibles and even incorporate them into the way I practice law. Case in point: sticky notes. I truly dig sticky notes: they encourage brevity, they are sticky, they are perfectly square, and they are colorful. I see no down side to these wonderful items; and that, I know, is truly weird.

Common practice (and even common sense) dictate that lawyers should use forms. Lots of forms. And, I dutifully created various forms to help me stay organized. But, then I found myself in post-bar limbo legal practice. Calls, clients, meetings, commuting, e-mail messages, briefs, motions, pleadings, court, and (somehow, somewhere) the obsolescence of my forms.

Sticky notes, however, prevailed and stuck in my calendar, on my laptop, on my desk, and in folders. But, why not embrace that? I decided to ditch some of the forms in favor of keeping notes–particularly communication or action notes–on wonderful, wonderful sticky notes. Once I reach terra firma, I can put those notes inside the client’s folder–if I’m feeling particularly self-conscious I’ll use an extra piece of tape. If I layer them, I can keep a running record of what I’ve done for each and every client.

In short: when life makes you weird (and it has if you are a lawyer), embrace it. And fear not, the words on the photographed sticky note are simply quoted from the Georgia Code. No client information has been divulged.


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