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  1. From Insult to Experience


    February 1, 2014 by williamsjustliving

    My client was sticking to the not guilty plea, and rejecting all plea bargains. I had looked at the evidence …
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  2. Week two of bar review: boo-hoo


    June 4, 2013 by williamsjustliving

    I want to be a lawyer. I want to be a lawyer. And, this is a step in me easing …
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  3. Rage 5: Law students will one day be lawyers…

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    April 21, 2013 by williamsjustliving

    I can’t honestly play the victim in this post. I have been blessed with opportunities to become acquainted with some …
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  4. Rage 4: Give and get respect

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    February 26, 2013 by williamsjustliving

    The scenario is quite cliche: Law student hired as intern; law student slaves; law student treated quite shabbily. But, the …
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  5. The Power of NO

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    December 2, 2012 by williamsjustliving

    Numerous blawgs extol the power of NO. Two letters. Yet, lawyers–creatures of endless words–have a difficult time forming the succinct …
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  6. Putting the Networking Workout Plan to Work

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    October 18, 2012 by williamsjustliving

    I have put the Networking Workout Plan that’s specifically tailored to introverts….to work, and it….works. I have been intentionally metacognitive …
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  7. The Introvert Lawyer, pt. 4

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    September 23, 2012 by williamsjustliving

    Are you a client? Do you feel like you’re talking to a brick wall when you talk to your attorney? …
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